The United States has always been known for its excellent public school education available to all who live here. However, due to massive budget cuts in the educational system and the growth of for-profit charter schools and voucher programs, our children are not being provided with a quality education. If we do not invest in our public schools so that all children, no matter where they live, can have access to a quality education, we will be lost as a nation since our children are our future. They must be adequately prepared to compete in the global market that has been created by technology.
Expanding access to low cost public colleges will further enhance the ability to compete in the global market. A high school education is no longer sufficient to prepare our young people for the future on this planet so we must make higher education economically accessible to all who choose this path without incurring a lifetime of debt that will cripple their ability to obtain the American Dream. Alternatively, low cost vocational or specialized training in needed fields such as plumbers, electricians, car mechanics, or solar panel installers to name a few, will also lead to our success as a country invested in the future of its residents.


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