Corporations pay low taxes by taking advantage of loopholes in the tax code in the name of job creation. This form of trickledown economics has been shown not to work because instead of paying their workers a living wage with benefits, they pocket the money to increase their wealth and satisfy their shareholders. The jobs they create are minimum wage part time jobs that require these workers to request government assistance in the form of food stamps, Medicaid, and housing subsidies. This further undermines the system since the taxpayer is subsidizing not only the wealthy corporations but the workers who cannot live on these minimum wage jobs. This is known as corporate welfare with the money going into the pockets of the owners, such as the Walton family. Walmart, a classic example of this type of corporate welfare, has also forced small local businesses to close their doors since they cannot compete against a big retail chain, which also happens to outsource jobs in order to pay even lower wages to the international work force so they can make a bigger profit and further enhance their wealth. It is very difficult to find products made in the USA because of these practices. It is time that these corporations were held accountable for their choices and if they are to receive subsidies and tax breaks, they must be willing to not only pay their workers a living wage with benefits but must also bring back the outsourced manufacturing jobs to the US.


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